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Fastcut Recordsはキャッチ・フレーズでもある”fantastic something”と感じる音楽を、

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Fastcut Records runs two sections. 1. Webshop & 2. Label Webshop started on August 2006, Label Started November 2007. The label releases CD/Vinyls of artists who write ageless melodies.

Because the label is run with the private management, we do not release lots of products in a year. But we respect artists’ intentions and do our best for showing the charm of their works. We are tired of poorly mass-produced works that are made only for business. So, we spend lots of time to talk with artists for completing our work. Please trust the quality of the works we provide. These artists are the ones who got our most attention, and we wish to throw them into the Japanese indie scene.

The name “fastcut” means “fast (not fading away)” + “cut (adding new music)”. Our days pass through quickly without excitement. Seeing boring Japanese music scene makes us feel “dry” day by day. But when we encounter beautiful music, it gives us a new scenery and fulfills our life.

Fastcut Records wishes to propose “Fantastic Something” through our works, events and website, as the name of famous acoustic duo from Cherry Red.

Thank you.

Japan Tour Archive
The Starlets Japan Tour (2008)
Dylan Mondegreen Japan Tour (2009)
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Japan Tour (2010)
BOAT BEAM / Biff Smith (THE STARLETS, UK) Japan Tour (2010)
Sad Day For Puppets Japan Tour (2011)
Alpaca Sports Japan Tour (2013)
Four Pens & Dylan Mondegreen Japan Tour (2015)
Alpaca Sports Japan Tour (2016)
The Bilinda Butchers & Manic Sheep Tokyo Shows (2016)
Ice Choir Japan Tour (2016)
Four Pens Kansai Shows (2017)
My Bubba Japan Tour (2018)

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大阪市営地下鉄四つ橋線 四ツ橋駅 6出口から徒歩約5分の場所にございます。

shop address
M’s 325 / 2F, 1-20-6, Minamihorie,
Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
550-0015, JAPAN
phone: +81 6 6606 9269