Bibo (Vocals, Guitar)
Candace (Vocals)
Sunny (Melodica, Metallophone)

[about Four Pens…]
2011年春、ソングライターのBibo(本名:康秉豐 KANG BING-FONG)中心に、女性シンガーのCandace(小四,本名:徐千雅 HSU CHIEN-YA)、キーボードのSunny(咨咨,本名:吳映咨 WU YING-TZU)で結成された3人組。バンド名の四枝筆(Four Pens)はメンバー3名の名前を組み合わせている。

日本のインディーミュージックファンにもその名を知られる台湾インディーバンド。Four Pensは台湾と日本を主な活躍の舞台としている、幾度も日本にツアーを敢行し、作品をリリースした。miaou、 曾我部惠一、Ann Sally、市川和則(羊毛と花)、haruka nakamura、Lamp、君島大空などの優れた日本のミュージシャンとの共演多数。


Four Pens is a three piece band from Taiwan formed in 2011.
Their name was derived from a combination of the three members names, which in Taiwanese means “Four Pens”. Members include vocalist Candace, vocalist-guitarist-song writer Bibo and melodica – metallophone player, Sunny.
Four Pens is best known for their dual vocals and vast variety of accompanying instruments. Their songs feature lyrics about life in the hopes that their music can be a companion for the listener.
Four Pens have already released two EPs with theme regarding time : AM 6:57 and PM 11:59. Each album features songs that provide a suitable atmosphere and energy for their respective titles.
The band has much experience performing in live houses and music festivals in Taiwan. They have also toured internationally throughout Japan in cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto in 2014.

FCRD-054 “One Day” (2014) [detail]

Interview – Four Pens 四枝筆



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