ジャパニーズ・ネオアコ・バンド、Sloppy Joeによる9年ぶりとなる待望の新作2ndフル・アルバムをリリースします!

FCRD072 Sloppy Joe / Waiting For The Night Begins (CD / LP)
FCRD-072 / FCRD-072LP

1(A1). Lonely Tonight
2(A2). In The Box
3(A3). My Turn
4(A4). Over The Candle Holder
5(A5). That Day
6(A6). Growing Pains
7(B1). Once And For All
8(B2). Different Ways
9(B3). Waiting For The Night Begins
10(B4). I’m a Little Concerned About You
11(B5). Nervous Smile

CD : 2,400円(税別)
LP : 3,000円(税別)


FCRD071LP Sloppy Joe – With Kisses Four (LP)

A1. The Boy Who Talks About Someone
A2. Sometimes
A3. With Kisses Four
A4. Portrait
A5. Don’t Take A Fave Of Mine
B1. The Leaves Dead
B2. Winter Song
B3. The Country
B4. Still Be A Little Roof
B5. Useless Time
B6. Into My Eyes

LP : 3,000円(税別)


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